"Congratulations on this new website...I was so happy to get your email and believe that the site is very informative and inspiring!! I will pass on to those who I know have heard me sing your praises for years."
Ann Lawrence

"Love it! Gertrud is the best! 15 years and counting!"
Janine Bradford

"Your hands are truly magical and such an inspiration to my face! Thank you for all the "uplifting" years you have given me..."
Sonia Kelley

 "I received your e-mail for your new website. It looks great. Gertrud is the best, that is why I have been a client for 20 years."
Katrina Slovak










The Swiss Spa
Gertrud of Switzerland
The Ultimate in Skin Care Treatment

for those who take Skin Care seriously!

We love Referrals!...

...and sincerely appreciate each and every one we receive.
Your referrals are much more than business to me, they're the highest compliment I can ever receive!

We invest 100% of our time and energy to delivering first-class service to our clients. As a result, our valued clients, suppliers, and friends refer their family, friends and work associates to us for all their skin care needs. We're interested in building strong life-long relationships one person at a time.

Today, skin care and age management are no longer luxuries - they are necessities.

We've been providing results-oriented skin care for over 25 years in Dallas. We recognize each person is dealing with their own particular skin imbalances as well as changing needs. Therefore, each treatment is customized towards the client's individual skin needs to give maximum beneficial results.

Whether your concern is dryness, premature aging, devitalized skin, excessive oiliness, acne, environmental sensitivity or you just want to look your best, we can create a custom-tailored, affordable plan for you - to restore your skin's health and balance.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: European Facials, Rosacea, Acne and Anti-aging treatments - as well as Ultrasonic Facials and Microdermabrasion. Also, Hair Removal and Waxing services.



Due to her extensive background and experience in caring for
the total health and appearance of the skin, along with her
enthusiastic approach to Skin Care, Gertrud is uniquely qualified to help
her clients keep their skin healthy and youthful looking.

She is dedicated to providing effective aesthetic treatments to restore
and enhance natural beauty - along with expert advice on selecting an
 individualized Skin Care regimen - in a personable, confidential
and punctual manner.

For appointments or questions regarding any skin concerns, or for
a free consultation and a customized treatment plan, contact Gertrud directly
(469) 733-4554 or email:

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