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Baden-Baden - the source of beauty. Its thermal baths highly prized by the Romans, the town epitomizes the culture of beauty and skin care.

The BIODROGA SYSTEMS brand has successfully carried this tradition onward since the end of the 1950s. While the family business continues to be deeply rooted at the company headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany, BIODROGA has grown to be a global business run by a modern team of management executives.

With custom skin care systems for all types of skin and all ages, skin care products from cleansing to Make up and professional-grade face and body treatments of the highest quality, the holistic skin care and spa products offered by BIODROGA SYSTEMS will help you to achieve total well-being.

Beauty therapists in more than 40 countries all over the world have chosen BIODROGA SYSTEMS. Their trust is our best reference.

Let us take you on a journey into the world of BIODROGA – the source of beauty, skin care and well-being!

              Care and Wellness by                                   

 Soothing the soul, caring for the body, and doing something good for ourselves. Because new energy for the body inspires both spirit and soul. The holistic BIODROGA care and wellness ranges are perfectly coordinated to achieve this sense of harmony.

The focus of facial care is on the Biological Beauty Care Systems – targeted product lines especially developed for each individual skin need. They are embedded in an extensive range of additional care products for everything from cleansing to makeup.

What furthermore makes BIODROGA so special are the professional face and body treatments that combine top quality with maximum relaxation.  And that only BIODROGA estheticians offer you. 

We bear a huge responsibility:



  "Inspired by nature,
           attuned to the unique
      requirements of holistic
                   beauty care"




Natural substances and plant-based protective mechanisms are combined with active ingredients derived through biotechnology – creating the foundation for all BIODROGA products. All are researched, developed and manufactured in our own laboratories and production sites right here in Baden-Baden, Germany, allowing us to guarantee a consistent level of quality across the globe, no matter where or when.

Our products touch you – and your skin - directly, and that is why quality is our
number one priority. Our researchers and dermatologists carefully examine raw materials, conduct dermatological testing and monitor short- and long-term studies. This is the only way to develop products that meet the highest quality
standards and give you the assurance of using the best possible skin care.

The result is something you experience every day, at home or when visiting your BIODROGA beauty therapist: perfect skin care, cosmetics that are extremely well tolerated by the skin, beneficial treatments and a sense of total well-being from head to toe.

  Cleansing Line

Well-groomed skin starts with cleansing.

Only skin that's thoroughly clean and clear is able to absorb and make use of the precious ingredients of quality skin care products. For this purpose, BIODROGA SYSTEMS has developed a cleansing system that is completely independent of the skin care series being used. The cleansing products quickly and gently cleanses the skin without damaging the natural hydrolipdic film.


   Face Masks

Msks add a quick, intensive and lasting skin care experience to your regular day or night care regimen.

Highly concentrated key active ingredients quickly solve skin problems and improve the complexion over the long term with regular use. In addition to concentrated active ingredients, the relaxing effect linked to the ritual of using a facial mask conveys the unique feeling of well-being. While the mask takes effect, there is ample opportunity to relax in your own "private spa".

 Intense Moisture Formula

Water is the most fundamental element for life. The skin's moisture supply is the basic for a well-functioning, fresh and full skin. Rich with special new ingredients, this formula is sure to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

The new intense Moisture formula, using Nobel Prize winning research, comes with Madecassoside which stimulates aquaporines and filaggrines in the skin. These proteins form water channels to regulate moistures within the cells and promote cell cohesion and structure to stabilize and protect the skin.

   Puran Formula

The Puran Formula improves the appearance of impure skin over the long term, giving it a clear and clean look.

The skin's texture is refined, making it appear fresh and rejuvenated. Skin impurities area problem that can occur in many different skin types, both oily and dry. This line thus includes products for both extremes. the specific formulas of Puran Formula normalize the appearance of impure skin, counteract inflammatory processes and support the normalization of sebum production. The skin's natural resistance is improved.

 Oxygen Formula

Effectively balance the signs of oxygen deficiency with Oxygen Formula using Revitalin®. This biologically active ingredient promotes the exchange of oxygen between skin cells. This activates key metabolic processes in the skin, giving skin a restored appearance. All Oxygen Formula products target and regulate the skin's lipid and/or moisture balance, allowing the skin to return to its former radiance.

Oxygen Formula gives the skin a fresh, rosy appearance and gives it optimum functional support.

   Alpha-Energizing Formula

Our Alpha-Energizing Formula helps retain the skin's fresh, youthful, healthy radiance.

For the woman who is always on the go, always look your best by giving your skin the energy kick it needs. Green coffee extract help boost metabolism and has draining properties to keep skin from looking puffy. Your skin looks more vibrant and the smooth texture and delicate, fresh scent make this a favorite!

 Age Performance Formula

For the new generation of "power agers", who want to age gracefully without invasive and expensive methods. these rich prodcts melt into the skin and unfold into a velvety smoothness.

The unique combination of ingredients perfectly meets the needs of extremely demanding skin and discerning skin care customers.  suitable for 50+ skin.

   Golden Caviar

A Luxurious skin care "extra" to satisfy even the highest standards.

A balanced bouquet of active ingredients nourishes and protects your skin and leaves it feeling sensatinal. Caviar extract is integrated into all the products. It activates skin cell metabolism and skin microcirculation, softening lines and wrinkles and helping to prevent premature skin aging due to environmental factors.

 Anti-Age Cell Formula

The anti-age line with results you can see in 28 days!

using stem cells from a rare species of apple, the plant stem cells counter chronological signs of aging and preserve skin's vitality.

Combined with other active ingredients to balance moisture and stimulate collagen production to slow down the hands of time. Great for the 35-60 age group!

   Special Care

A line of products with the perfect solution, no matter what you need.

Each special care product provides different active ingredients for specific solutions. These products maintain the skin's youthful, radiant appearance over the long term, aiding it both actively and preventively.

Special Care combines a variety of active ingredients and delivery methods with the unique characteristics of specific BIODROGA SYSTEMS products.

Men Sensation

This skin care system includes products targeted specifically to the needs of male skin. These products ideally prepare male skin for shaving, nourish it after shaving and balance for even skin tone.

To recharge and experience beneficial relaxation all over, our intensely pampering formulas cleanse and reinfuses stressed skin with moisture, allowing the muscles of the face to relax. For a revitalized, dynamic, balanced feeling and the good looks to match. Ready to go the next round on the job.


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