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Customized Intensive Treatments for every Skin Type and Condition, including:
Sensitive Skin
Damaged Skin


These are truly the ultimate facial treatments. They utilize the extraordinary ability of ultrasonic waves to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to greatly enhance the infusion of active ingredients, combined with its ability to stimulate the skin's own production of collagen and elastin. These intensive treatments are customized to each individual's skin type and condition, including Anti-aging, Acne, Rosacea and damaged and stressed skin.



Cutting-edge technology

Previous microdermabrasion technology which involved the high speed propulsion of sand crystals against the skin (i.e. microsandblasting) is being phased out from spas and dermatologists offices, as medical controversy is rising regarding the safety of inhaling aluminum oxide dust. Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion utilizes the safest and most effective techniques. As one of the most advanced non-invasive mechanical exfoliation systems out there, it painlessly loosens and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. In addition, the ultrasonic wave will cause a thermal effect that can penetrate cosmetic products or medicines into the skin. Ultrasonic waves travel through the skin and stimulate the underlying cells, promoting cutaneous micro-circulation. This enhances tissue oxygenation, increases new cell growth, and stimulates collagen formation. By pushing specific products deeper into the skin, the ultrasonic wave can induce micro-ionization of other topical products.

Important: All treatments are recommended in series of 6-10 treatments with  two weeks interval between treatments for best results. A customized home-care kit is also available for maintenance until your next visit. It is considered an extended part of the treatment that determines the final degree of success. And it is therefore strongly recommended.




 Maintain a natural healthy glow with this comprehensive treatment for trouble free
 It starts with the appropriate surface cleanser for the skin type. Then it is followed by a deep cleansing under steam to rid the skin of unwanted dirt and blemishes, including dead cells.

Next, the skin is gently exfoliated by physical mediums, depending on skin type and desired results. Following exfoliation, light extractions are performed if appropriate or desired, including removal of white heads - followed by calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial botanicals.

Then relax with our signature facial, head, neck, and decollete massage. Finally, it concludes with a customized mask applied to rejuvenate the skin and gives it a healthy glow. In the mean time, hand massage is applied. We finish up with moisturizer and sunscreen as needed.

Each facial is customized towards the client's individual skin needs to give maximum beneficial results.


A Euoropean Facial
 specifically designed for men. Daily shaving can wreak havoc on your skin. Consider this treatment ‘damage control.’ A personalized mask tightens and firms the skin, while a gentle massage releases and removes toxins and enhances muscle tone. The result is a clean and refreshed you.

 the stronger sex has its little weaknesses."


Give breakouts the boot with a facial specifically
formulated for teenage skin. Deeply cleanses and
balances overactive skin. Includes deep pore
extraction, disinfecting and soothing mask for
calming the skin. The perfect antidote for
juvenile Acne.

        "Growing pains relief!"

(They can be added to many Facial Treatments to enhance results.)

 - Advanced Exfoliation ($25.00)
 - Anti-Age Cell Treatment ($25.00)
 - Collagen/Elstin/DNA/Hyaluronic Acid/Lipid Recovery ($25.00)
 - Decollete ($25.00)
 - Acne Extractions ($25.00)
Waxing Face Hair Removal
Any area: Lip, Brow, Chin, or Sides ($17.00)

Packages are available at my long-held tradition of  "Buy a package of 6 and get one additional treatment free." And of course, each treatment is concluded with a rich application of an advanced protection sunscreen


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